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Install A Security System From SAFE HOME

Licensed Alarm Technicians

Safe Home has licensed alarm technicians who are certified to install state of the art alarm systems for both residential and commercial applications.

Safe Home we use the highest quality UL licensed alarm equipment and have an extremely knowledgeable staff who can answer any question you may have about the features and functions of each alarm system.

Low Cost Packages

We offer basic system packages starting at $299, and monitoring is only $19.95/Month with no long term contacts. Our low monitoring cost compared at $30 - $48/Month, is how we compete with other businesses. After your three year contract with other companies is over, you can already be saving with SHSC. Most people will have their system for as long as they are in their home, so over a longer period of time, you will be saving more and more with our low monitoring cost. Our monitoring station is Security Central, which is a 24/7 UL listed station, located in Statesville, NC with a Back Up central station in Hickory NC.


Save up to 20% on your homeowners insurance

Live Operators 24/7
U.L. Approved central station
Full backup central station

No Money Down Options

GSM cell monitoring and system installed for FREE only $39.95 month with or Honeywell total connect included (no home phone needed).

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Keep An Eye On Your Home

New System Package Includes:

  • $0 Installation Fee

  • $0 Activation Fees

  • 1 Back lit LCD Keypad

  • 1 Control Board

  • 3 Door Contacts

  • 1 Motion Detector (pet friendly)

  • 1 Interior Siren

  • 1 Backup Power Supply


  • 1 Transformer

  • 1 Panic Button (Police, Medical and Fire)

  • 1 Yard Sign

  • 3 Window Decals

  • UL Approved Monitoring Station

  • Police, Medical and Fire Monitoring

  • Monitoring for Hostage and Panic

  • Professional Installation from a Licensed Technician


We can secure your home or business!

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Safe Home Security of the Carolinas - Phone: (704) 248-8948

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